Journease Warehouse

For businesses running large-scale warehouse operations. With all the features of Journease Professional, Journease Warehouse also features a stock location system that helps you find products and load vehicles more efficiently. It’s designed to give you full traceability of packages, wherever they are in the delivery chain.

Journease Warehouse also uses Track n’ Trace technology – customers can check their delivery from the warehouse to their doorstep.




Journease Warehouse allows you to:

  • Reject and return individual packages

  • Upload real-time delivery information

  • Produce barcodes for traceability

  • Use up-to-date maps (Microsoft Bing)

  • Back up data automatically

  • Configure and pair multiple depots

  • Work from any PC connected to the internet

  • Trace every item – from source to destination

  • Let customers book directly with third party clients (couriers)