The History

Network 4 is a two-man delivery service with over 25 years’ experience. They specialise in transporting goods across the UK for all sorts of clients – from retailers and local manufacturers to high-end businesses and Blue Chips.

The aim for every delivery is to get the consignment there on time and in perfect condition. And with six depots and a large fleet, that’s a huge task. For company director, Lucie Riley, keeping on top of logistics is crucial to success.

The Challenge

It was so important to get a system that worked for our business,” explains Lucie. “We installed Journease Backoffice in 2011, but being a two-man delivery service and not a courier, we needed some bespoke tweaks. And that’s exactly what the Journease team gave us. It’s such a leap forward from the white boards and paper system we were using before.

The Solution

Not only has Journease been integral to developing Network 4 as a business, it has improved life for their clients too. Customer details are simply uploaded to a driver’s PDA and are automatically updated should anything change. Information such as driver details and time of receipt are there for everyone to view. There are also digital records of signatures and even the option of taking a photograph on delivery, just in case further proof is required. It’s all about peace of mind – Network 4 can even track deliveries in real time using their bespoke software.

We’ve got absolute trust in Journease. They help us deliver on time and exactly to our customers’ specifications,” says Lucie. “There’s little room for error in this business, but because our system keeps such accurate records, the onus is on our customers. Our system has also helped us to massively reduce admin costs – everything is done automatically. All in all, Journease is simple, quick and incredibly efficient.

Journease has changed Network 4 for the better. It gives us real-time information, accurate delivery details and cuts out a huge amount of unnecessary admin. Most importantly, it’s helping our business grow and develop

Lucie Riley. Director, Network 4.

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